branded advantages

branded advantages

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As a leading brand in the field of high-end lubricants, the lion currently has a variety of products such as automotive lubricants, transmission system oils, industrial oils, etc., which can meet the different needs of customers at all levels of the national market.

2016 Lions continue to improve the transmission oil products. Relying on the technical heritage of the Global Racing Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. and the global integrated procurement system, the lion products have won the recognition of many host manufacturers with innocent quality, excellent performance, stable performance and excellent service. The accumulation of these good brand assets will help new franchisees to easily open up the market and occupy a dominant position in the future competition.

With a superior business philosophy to drive enterprise development, the company has built a powerful marketing center that can quickly respond to customer needs, equipped with an advanced customer relationship management system, and built a highly professional and professional marketing and technical service team.

The lion guarantees the customer's profit margin through various measures. For different agents, the lion provides "private customized" franchise services, including 360-degree marketing support, regional marketing, news public relations, conference marketing, roadshow promotion, copywriting design. Exclusive operating space, such as support, provides powerful "fire support" for customers to compete in the market.