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[Oil knowledge] Learn how to completely replace the transmission oil

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When it comes to vehicle maintenance, everyone is familiar with both large and small maintenance.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, everyone is familiar with both large and small maintenance. It is nothing more than changing the oil filter, changing the air filter and air conditioning filter. Today, the oil and oil introduces the unfamiliar but critical gearbox. Filter element.

The transmission filter may not be known to most car owners. Let us introduce the introduction and use common sense of the transmission oil filter:



Both the MT and the AT gearbox are filters, they are placed in the transmission oil sump, and the vehicle and gearbox oil need to be replaced every 30,000-40,000 km. If the filter is clogged or the gear oil exceeds the life mileage, it will cause the vehicle to lose power, jitter, shifting time and other conditions, so remind the riders to pay attention to the transmission oil and filter replacement.



【important hint】

Always change the filter when replacing the gearbox. If you do not change the oil change mode of the filter is equal to no change! (only changed the 40% oil in the gear tank)

The following is a picture of oil in the field: how to replace the transmission oil 100%!

Complete replacement of the required material table:

1, [transmission oil]:

Transmission oil that exceeds twice the transmission oil volume. For example, the 6AT Aisin wave box has a volume of 6L, then you need to prepare 12L, of which 6L is used as a cleaning replacement oil.

2, [oil sump seal]

The life of the rubber is 3-5 years, so the replacement of the transmission oil also requires the replacement of the sealing strip.


3, [transmission filter]

As with the principle of changing the oil, you must change the filter every time you change the oil!



4, [strong cleaning spray]

Clean the oil pan and the bottom of the gearbox.



5, [oil circulation machine] (important)

When circulating with a cycle machine, each gear position needs to be hung several times to make the clutch plates fully open and close, and the old oil is replaced.