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Happy New Year! The Ministry of Communications wants to break the monopoly of 4S shop maintenance

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The car is broken, can only go to the 4S shop repair? If you don't go to the 4S shop, you can't buy some accessories?

The car is broken, can only go to the 4S shop repair? If you don't go to the 4S shop, you can't buy some accessories? This situation is expected to improve in the future. Recently, the Ministry of Communications issued the "Administrative Measures for the Implementation of the Disclosure of Automobile Maintenance Technology Information (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as the draft for comment), stipulating that automobile producers should use available information forms, convenient information channels, and reasonable information prices. Disclose car maintenance technical information to all maintenance operators and consumers without discrimination, non-discrimination, and delay.

According to the request for comment, auto manufacturers must disclose new vehicle maintenance information within 10 years. Specifically, “factory car producers should establish and improve the maintenance technology information disclosure system, disclose the maintenance technical information that the enterprise has obtained the national CCC certification and has sold the car model, and is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the disclosed information. The vehicle maintenance technical information should be kept open for 10 years after the model is launched; for more than 10 years, the car manufacturer can archive the relevant vehicle information, but the relevant vehicle information must be announced and obtained.



Of course, there are also some maintenance core technologies that can not be disclosed. According to the draft for comment, the manufacturer has the right to not disclose information related to the programming and setting of the vehicle anti-theft control system (including the car key); to prevent technical information on the tampering and erasing of the original data record of the vehicle power system and emission diagnostic system (OBD). Relevant information concerning the trade secrets of automobile producers and the influence of automobile producers on the use of intellectual property rights in accordance with the law. And for users who are directly used for maintenance purposes, car producers can implement paid services.


In the 4S shop that has long been criticized by consumers, it has high maintenance fees and spare parts monopoly. The draft for comment said: "Automotive producers can independently price maintenance technical information according to law, but should set the price of information services fairly, reasonably and scientifically to ensure that all types of maintenance operators and consumers pay the same standard, and the total cost of vehicle maintenance. Proportion." Maintenance diagnostic tools and equipment manufacturers, component manufacturers and other related operators should actively use the maintenance technology information provided by automobile manufacturers to develop and produce various types of special vehicle maintenance diagnostic tools and equipment, suitable for all types of vehicles. Homogeneous accessories provide a full market choice for all types of maintenance operators and consumers.

For disputes arising from maintenance, the draft of the Exposure requires all types of maintenance operators to establish and improve the maintenance quality management system in accordance with the "Regulations on Motor Vehicle Maintenance Management" and fulfill the responsibility for maintenance quality according to law. If the repairer repairs improperly or uses fake or shoddy accessories to cause problems in the quality of vehicle maintenance, the repairer shall bear legal responsibility according to law.