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Daily Lesson: Car Oil Road Cleaning Precautions

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[Guide] Do you need to clean the oil circuit in your car? How do we maintain the oil circuit? Please look down.

[Car knowledge] A car repair shop scene: "Brother, just after the maintenance master checked again, you need to clean the oil road, the cost is XX yuan. If you do not clean it will ... the injector will ... If Something went wrong..."

When the staff tells you such a passage, I believe that many car owners think in their minds: What is he talking about? If you don’t know the car anyway, or clear it, don’t be afraid of 10,000, just be afraid... A few "Red Hair Grandpa..."

So now the question is coming. Does your car need to clean the oil circuit? How do we maintain the oil circuit? Please look down.


First of all, let's first take a brief look at the oil circuit. The car oil roads we usually talk about usually include two types: oil roads and gasoline roads. The oil circuit refers to the way inside the engine and the oil runs through the oil pump. The gasoline road is also called the fuel system, which refers to the pipeline between the fuel oil from the fuel tank and the combustion chamber of the engine.



The oil road mentioned in this article refers to the latter, which is the fuel system of the car. It includes: fuel filter, gasoline pump, fuel pressure regulator, gasoline pipeline, carbon canister, fuel injector.

The role of the oil circuit in the engine work:

For the complete working principle of the entire components of the entire oil circuit, most of the owners are not professional and technical personnel, do not have to study very thoroughly, just need to understand the basic working principle. The general working principle is also very simple, including the following steps:

1. The oil pump draws the oil in the fuel tank into the pipeline to maintain a pressure of about 2.5 kg.

2. The fuel filter acts as a filtering function between the oil pump and the fuel pressure regulator to filter out harmful particles and moisture from the fuel.

3. The fuel pressure regulator controls the pressure in the oil circuit, and then sprays the fuel into a mist through the fuel injector, and mixes with the air to enter the cylinder (some engines use direct injection in the cylinder).

Reasons for cleaning the oil circuit:

After the fuel system has been in operation for a period of time, the carbon deposits and colloids formed by the combustion will adhere to the injectors, causing the injectors to stick or even clog. The impurities and dust in the air and gasoline will also cause the oil path to be poor or blocked, and eventually carbon deposits and deposits will form on the fuel injectors (the valve, the combustion chamber and the intake pipe will also form carbon deposits, but this article mentions It is only for the carbon deposit on the injector).




If the oil circuit is not cleaned for a long time, carbon deposits and deposits may block the needle valve and valve hole of the injector, affecting the performance of the precision parts of the injection system, resulting in poor fuel injection, poor atomization, or even fuel injection. As a result, the car's idle speed is unstable, fuel consumption is rising, acceleration is weak, and starting is difficult.

The general way to clean the oil circuit:

1. Adding fuel cleaner directly to the fuel tank is the easiest way, but the effect is not long-lasting and the cleaning effect is not thorough. Suitable for vehicles with short driving distances.

2. Use the "sling bottle" method for cleaning.

The “slinging bottle” method can simultaneously clean the carbon deposits and deposits of the oil circuit and the valve, which is also the recommended way for the car repair shop under normal circumstances.

3. Use a disposable washing machine for cleaning.

The method is to connect the engine oil inlet pipe and the oil return pipe with the inlet and outlet pipes of the non-removal cleaning machine through a special non-removal washing and cleaning machine, and connect the oil inlet pipe and the oil return pipe with a special interface to form a circuit. It is convenient and quick to operate, but because it only cleans the injector, it does not clean the carbon deposit on the valve, so... You know, car repair shops will not recommend. However, the single effect on the cleaning of the oil circuit, the effect is very obvious, is a good way to clean the oil circuit.

4. Remove all the oil passages directly and carry out thorough cleaning.

This method is suitable for vehicles with a traffic jam of 100,000 kilometers or more. Needless to say, the effect is definitely the best, but the time spent is the longest, and the technical requirements for maintenance personnel are also the highest. And if you usually pay more attention to car care, it is generally not necessary to use this method. So this method is also a last resort.

Frequency of cleaning the oil circuit:

Cleaning the oil circuit is an essential maintenance item, but not every maintenance. Take shampoo, washing your head every day is love clean, washing your head once a week is disgusting, but it is not necessary to wash your head every hour, not only unnecessary, but also damage to the hair.

The cleaning of the oil circuit is also the same. Some owners are greatly embarrassed. They feel that the cleaning oil circuit is useless. Never clean the oil circuit, which will cause the above-mentioned consequences for a long time. There are also some owners who are mentioned at the beginning of the article. I listen to some black-hearted repair shops that only pay attention to the profit. It seems to be "love clean", in fact it is completely unnecessary, not only unnecessary, because the cleaning agent contains a lot of chemical components, over-frequency cleaning will cause great damage to the three-way catalytic converter, causing unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

The normal cleaning frequency should be 30,000-30,000 km/time, and it should be increased or decreased according to the road conditions and the condition of the vehicle. For example, the congestion of urban road conditions will accelerate the oil pipeline blockage.

How to maintain the car oil road?

As the saying goes, "three points, seven points." Daily maintenance is also essential if you want to extend the cycle of cleaning the oil circuit and protect the oil circuit of your car. Summarized into the following points:

1. Refueling should go to the regular gas station and add high quality fuel.

2. You can choose to add some fuel cleaner to the fuel tank every time, but it is not suitable for over-frequency.

3. During maintenance, be sure to pay attention to the inspection and replacement of the fuel filter to enhance the fuel filtration effect.