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Bringing these things in the car is equivalent to buying insurance, no regrets!

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We often encounter problems of one kind or another when cycling off-road, and we are helpless. At this time, either solve it yourself or choose to wait for rescue. If you have such equipment on your c

We often encounter problems of one kind or another when cycling off-road, and we are helpless. At this time, either solve it yourself or choose to wait for rescue. If you have such equipment on your car, you may get twice the result with half the effort.

Scenario 1: Driving in heavy rain or winter, sight problems.

This is a problem we often encounter. Due to the temperature difference inside and outside the car, it is easy to form a thick fog on the window. Although there is a separate defogging function on the car, there are some corners, side and rear windows. It is difficult to remove the mist, which is very affecting the line of sight. A slight inattention may lead to an accident.

◆In-vehicle glass defogging agent

There is a car window defogging agent on the market. Spray or apply it on the inside of the window glass, and then wipe it with a rag to form a protective film on the window to prevent condensation of fog or water vapor and improve rain. Or driving in the winter driving sight, improve safety. At the same time, avoid long-term on-board defogging function and improve fuel economy.


Scenario 2: Traveling in the winter, the battery will be depleted the next morning and the vehicle will not start.



◆ Vehicle emergency start power

This emergency start power source is similar to a charging treasure and can be charged by a 12V DC power supply on the vehicle. With a dedicated interface and wiring clamps, connected to the positive and negative poles of the car battery, the vehicle can be started, avoiding wiring or replacing the battery with other vehicles, and after a full point, 20 ignitions can be achieved. In addition, the vehicle start-up power supply also has a charging treasure function, which can charge electronic products such as mobile phones and tablet computers through a specific structure. The top is equipped with an LED light that can be used as a flashlight.

Scene 3: Suddenly, the spring breeze comes, and thousands of trees and pears bloom.

Going to the northeast for self-driving tour, especially in the winter, yesterday is still a clear sky, and it is possible to have a silver package overnight. For a driver who has no driving experience on snow and ice, this may be a disaster, because the road is slippery. There are countless traffic accidents.



◆Free Jack Snow Chain

The snow chain is one of the most effective tools for increasing tire friction and resisting slippery roads. However, many snow chains on the market are very laborious to install and require the assistance of a jack. The jack-free snow chains can be easily installed and used.



Scenario 4: On the way, the vehicle encountered mechanical failure, unable to move forward, and needed rescue vehicle rescue, but the rescue vehicle could not determine the exact location and it was difficult to arrive in time.

◆Vehicle GPS locator

The GPS locator has the function of automatically recording the driving data of the vehicle, and can realize real-time interaction with the computer platform or the mobile phone platform. If the rescue center is set as the designated recipient before departure, when the rescue is needed, the rescue center will send out help information, and the rescue center can determine the location and driving trajectory according to the GPS positioning.

Scenario 5: Rescue vehicles depart, but it takes a long time to reach the rescue location. Waiting in place, you need some necessities of life.

◆Car electric cup/pot

Many people travel in winter, and having a hot cup of water in a cold climate is a very pleasant thing. Although the thermos can store some hot water, it is difficult to guarantee the temperature of the water for a long time. The on-board electric cup/pot can solve this kind of demand, and it is perfect if it is served with a bowl of braised beef instant noodles or a latte.



This kind of car electric cup/pot adopts 12-24V DC power supply. It can start to boil water directly by using the car cigarette lighter. It can be boiled in 15-20 minutes, and the insulation mode is automatically turned on after boiling.

◆Car air mattress

While waiting for the rescue process, especially at night, fatigue and sleepiness can be miserable, and it is difficult for the car seat to reach the ideal sleeping position and not satisfy the full rest. The car air mattress can take advantage of the large space of the SUV or off-road vehicle to instantly transform the trunk of the vehicle into a comfortable bed. This air mattress can be easily folded when not in use, taking up less space and being easy to carry. The built-in inflator turns it into a mattress in a matter of minutes.