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Automatic and manual gears, advantages and disadvantages, big competition, have cars come in and have a look

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When you buy a car, will you choose to choose manual or automatic files? Are you struggling to hang up? Or is it awkward to go downhill without knowing which one to hang?

When you buy a car, will you choose to choose manual or automatic files? Are you struggling to hang up? Or is it awkward to go downhill without knowing which one to hang? In fact, whether it is a manual file or an automatic file has its own characteristics, what is better or worse? Let's take a look.



Automatic file advantages:

1. Simple driving action and reduced fatigue strength.

2. When the driving technique is not skilled, the operation coordination requirements are not very high, easy to operate, and the safety is higher.

3, the ramp does not need to start.

4, the woman can also drive, and no longer the driver is divided into old drivers, new drivers, female drivers three.

5, the clutch pedal is eliminated, no manual shifting is required, only the right foot can be used.

Automatic file disadvantages:

1. The manufacturing process is complicated and the price of the car is expensive.

2, maintenance and maintenance prices are expensive.

3, when parking is in the end is hanging to the P block to extinguish the fire or hanging to the N block to extinguish the fire and then hang to the P block? Tangled...

4. When the battery is low, you can't start the car.

5. When the slope is downhill, the brake failure is very dangerous. (Some cars don't have a file, second gear)

6, beginners, it is easy to mistake the accelerator pedal as the brake pedal, easy to appear traffic accidents.

7. When being towed, the transmission cannot be effectively lubricated because the vehicle is in the flameout state, so it is necessary to drive at a low speed, and the time is not too long.

8. Large fuel consumption.

9, the rapid acceleration is slow, but some cars have "S" file, the rapid acceleration will be faster.



Manual block advantage

1. The price of the car is low.

2, fuel efficient.

3, maintenance costs are low, if I am willing to open the car to scrap the gear does not change gear oil.

4, the car is not careful, no electricity, I can not push the car, I can push the car, do not worry too much about the battery life.

5. When going downhill, the brake failure can be achieved by downshifting.

6. When parking, if you are worried that the hand brake is too burdeny, you can hang up a block and act as a second hand brake.

7. When going downhill, you don't have to step on the brakes and hang on the first gear to walk slowly, which is safer.

8. After driving proficiently, you can experience rich driving pleasure and speed up faster.

Manual file disadvantages:

1, the operation is cumbersome, the coordination requirements are high, and beginners are not easy.

2. The start of the ramp is difficult for new drivers.

3, driving for two months, bonfire for dozens of days, especially when waiting for the red light often engaged in symphony.

4, an accidental clutch did not step on the bottom of the block, this slamming ah, just follow the clockwork.

5, when you are reversing, you can't hang up and go backwards, ah, a head of white hair sweat.

6, master the timing of the increase and decrease of the gear, but also very envious of the chic feeling of blocking the dangling, but not the car is a campfire.

7, the slope can not afford to hurt, before the fear of the wolf, fear of the tiger, the slope of a back and fight like a TM is hurt.