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Don't ignore it, the gearbox must be carefully maintained.

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Don't neglect, the gearbox must be carefully cared for.

Don't neglect, the gearbox must be carefully cared for.

Many automatic car owners have loved when they just bought a new car. However, once the warranty period is over, it is too lazy to figure out how to check, maintain, and repair the vehicle: "The car can be opened, and it can't be repaired." When an accident is sent to the vehicle for maintenance, due to lack of timely maintenance, the small fault of the automatic transmission is enlarged and deteriorated, resulting in a major accident.

So how do you maintain the automatic model? maintenance

1. Always check if the oil level of the automatic transmission is normal. The automatic transmission oil inspection method is different from the engine oil. The engine oil is checked in the cold state, and the transmission oil needs to preheat the oil to about 50 °C, and then the gear lever stays in each gear for 2 seconds. After being placed in the parking gear, the normal oil level of the dipstick should be between the highest and lowest lines. If it is not enough, the same quality oil should be added in time.

2. Master the cycle of replacing the automatic transmission oil. The internal control mechanism of the automatic transmission is very precise and the clearance is small. Therefore, most manufacturers recommend that the automatic transmission change cycle is generally two years or 40,000-60,000 kilometers. In the normal use process, the operating temperature of the transmission oil is generally around 120 degrees Celsius, so the quality of the oil is very high and must be kept clean. Secondly, after the transmission oil has been used for a long time, it will produce oil stains, which may form sludge, which will increase the wear of the friction plates and various components, and also affect the system oil pressure, which will affect the power transmission. Third, the sludge in the dirty oil will cause the movement of the valve body in each valve body to be unsatisfactory, and the oil pressure control is affected, thereby causing an abnormality in the automatic transmission.

3. Replace the transmission oil properly. At present, the better oil change method is dynamic oil change. The special gearbox cleaning equipment is used. During the operation of the gearbox, the old oil is fully circulated, and the new gearbox oil is added after the discharge, so that the oil change rate is achieved. Up to 90 or more, to ensure a good oil change. Tips: The owner should cultivate the awareness of active inspection, maintenance and maintenance. You can learn some basic knowledge of maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle, carefully read the instructions for use with the vehicle, and remember some necessary data. Scientific car maintenance can ensure that the vehicle is in a good technical state and ensure safe driving.