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Over-maintenance will hurt the car, oil should not be replaced more

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Car maintenance is a guarantee for safe and stable driving for a long time. However, “over-maintenance” not only wastes money, but also brings certain safety hazards to the car. The following examples of “over-maintenance” are for the owner's reference:

Oil should not be replaced too much

The car maintenance cycle refers to the interval or time of car maintenance. High maintenance frequency is not a bad thing, it can more effectively protect the performance of the vehicle, but it is not necessary to be too frequent. Many new cars in the general driving situation, if you use synthetic motor oil, you can basically change the oil every 10,000 kilometers, if you use the champion version of the Iron Man engine oil, the effect is even better, the oil consumption is lower, the service life is longer .

In addition, not only the new car is not suitable for the engine oil to change too often, it is not suitable to add too much. If the engine is too much oil in the new car, the crankshaft handle and the big end of the connecting rod will produce severe agitation when the engine is working, which increases the internal power loss of the engine. It also increases the amount of oil splashed on the cylinder wall, causing a malfunction of the burner oil. It is better to control the oil in the engine oil sump between the upper and lower scribe lines of the oil dipstick.

Various additional damages

Many car owners like to upgrade the original car audio, install navigation and reversing images, change the leather seat, chassis armor, etc., the full set may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

But remind the big guys that most of the added things have no practical value, and some of them will bring security risks due to changes to the original car's circuit.

Tires should not be deliberately pursued for import

Some people buy tires especially like to emphasize "imports", and new tires pushed abroad are not suitable for domestic users.

The smooth road surface in foreign countries is quite different from the domestic road conditions. Tires suitable for foreign road conditions do not necessarily have excellent performance on domestic roads, especially the impact resistance of the sidewalls is obviously unacceptable.