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Why is there always a surplus every time you change the oil? The reason is here!

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The owner of the car will change the oil every time he maintains it. Whether it is in the repair shop or the 4S shop, it is often the car that is supported on the lift.

The owner of the car will change the oil every time he maintains it. Whether it is in the repair shop or the 4S shop, it is often the car that is supported on the lift. Unscrew the oil pan screw and start to drain the oil. I believe everyone will look at the flowing oil. It is hoped that the cleaner the oil will be, the better, so that you can add new oil after you have released it.

However, the owners of 1.6-displacement and below will find that when there is oil, there will be a bucket left. Different cars have different amounts, some are less, but there will always be a little left, and the oil is Can not be added all, after all, the scale limit of the organic dipstick, added more, but burned the engine caused the vehicle to emit blue smoke, accelerated weakness, knocking. At this time, some friends may wonder if the 4S shop and the repair shop did not clean the oil in order to save time.

In fact, no matter where the oil is changed, the oil is released by natural gravity.

Everyone knows that the oil has a clean effect. It can condense some of the scrap generated by metal friction, which is one of the reasons why the oil will turn black. For example: we put a sand in the cup and then Fill the cup with water, then tilt the quilt at a certain angle to let the water flow out naturally. At the end of the day, you will find that there is always some water and sand in the cup that can't flow out. It is a reason to put the oil on.

The reason why it is said to be at a certain angle is because the inner and outer structures of the oil pan are irregular. The oil pan also has an organic oil pump. Therefore, after the oil pan screw is screwed off, there is always a part of the oil in the oil pan. from. If the oil draining time is a little shorter, then there will be more oil left in it. It is not surprising that the old oil is more natural and the new oil is added.

The picture above shows the bottom structure of the engine after the oil pan is completely removed. You can see that there is still some oil on the crankshaft and the connecting rod, which cannot be completely released by gravity.

Maybe a lot of friends can't help but ask, what should I do? Is the used oil not harmful to the engine in the engine?

1. The engine oil has five functions: cleaning, lubrication, cooling, anti-corrosion, and sealing. The metal debris generated by the internal wear of the engine can be retained in the oil sump along with the oil circulation, because the oil sump organic oil pump filters the oil while conveying the oil to the upper part of the engine, and does not filter the oil pump after filtering. Forget that the organic oil filter can be filtered, then the oil will enter the lubrication channel, so there will be no damage to the inside of the engine.

2. There are several kinds of engine lubrication methods. Some parts cannot rely on the oil passage lubrication due to mechanical structure. They can only rely on splash lubrication, that is, relying on the balance weight of the crankshaft and the continuous circular motion at the bottom of the connecting rod to splash the oil, such as the valve and the top column. In the cylinder wall and other parts, if all the oil is cleaned, there will be no oil lubrication left in these places when the engine is started, which will greatly damage the engine.

So how do you remove residual oil?

At the same time, the lubrication system can be cleaned regularly. The average family car is about 100 yuan in the repair shop, and it will be slightly higher in the 4S shop.

When you are doing it in the 4S shop, you can observe that the cleaning agent will be added from the oil filling port before the oil is released, and then keep running for about three or five minutes, then put the oil. The main thing is to chemically condense the glue and debris in the lubricating oil road together with the oil.

Therefore, the choice of oil is very important. If you want to raise a car, you need to raise the engine first. To raise the engine, you need to use the oil first. The oil is called the blood of the engine. When you are doing maintenance, you must choose the oil and choose the right oil. The most reliable thing is to use the lion lubricant. I wish you all a happy car.