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Precautions for driving in a hazy weather

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Under the undulating sky, visibility is reduced, and it has brought a constant change to many friends. It is also very easy to cause safety problems.

Under the undulating sky, visibility is reduced, and it has brought a constant change to many friends. It is also very easy to cause safety problems. The weather network below introduces some tips for watching cars in smoggy weather. I hope that I can help you. Help, then what should we pay attention to when driving in smog weather, what problems should we pay attention to when driving in foggy weather and foggy weather?

Note on driving in smog weather:

In fact, in this weather, it is not recommended to drive. The pollution source of PM2.5 is mainly from industrial production, automobile exhaust, building construction, winter heating and coal burning, which makes it difficult to spread harmful substances and has significant air quality. decline. Considering the big environment, in this weather, you should try not to drive, so you can reduce the pollution of the air. If you must drive, then we must pay attention to some details, as much as possible to reduce the harm of externally inhalable particles.

1, try not to open the window

In this smoggy weather, open the window as much as possible and do not use the window to ventilate during driving. Although opening the side window and the skylight to open a gap has the effect of negative pressure ventilation, it is not recommended to do so, so that inhalable particles will be carried into the vehicle during driving.

2, open the inner loop

In addition to the window, the air conditioning system is a channel that directly connects to the outside world, and the outside air will enter the car through it to affect the air quality inside the car. Therefore, in the smog weather, it is recommended that the air conditioner be set to the inner circulation, which can effectively reduce the inhalation of inhalable particles. For many models with automatic air conditioning in the car, the vehicle will default to the outer loop when starting, so please don't forget to press the inner loop switch button to switch it to the inner loop. Of course, the long-term circulation will cause the air inside the car to not flow. If the air inside the car is not particularly bad, it is better than the inhalable particles into the car.

3, check the air filter / air conditioning filter

After the smog weather has passed, we should clean the air filter and air-conditioning filter in time for the health of the engine and the people in the car, so as to avoid excessive tiny particles lying on the filter and causing poor gas flow, causing the engine to be boring. "Children" and air conditioning are not normal and other phenomena.

In addition, some models on the market are not equipped with air conditioning filter cartridges (there are reserved installation positions, but there is no filter cartridge). For such model editors, it is recommended that the owner of the car go to the 4S shop or the auto parts city to purchase a filter cartridge. Significantly reduce the inhalation of particulate matter into the car.

4, turn on the lights

In the smog weather, the visibility of the air will be very poor, and the tiny particles floating in the air will obstruct the line of sight. In recent days, the domestic roads are more congested than usual and the visibility is inextricably linked. Therefore, for the safety of yourself and others, be sure to turn on the lights when driving. At least turn on the width light to remind other vehicles of your location. If the visibility is very poor, please turn on the front and rear fog lights.

5, adjust the good attitude

The visibility is poor, the speed of the car is also slower, the traffic is more congested than in the past, and the feeling of "seeing the flowers in the fog" is even more unbearable, and the mood is not good. Under such circumstances, it is important to adjust your mentality and not be impatient. Since it cannot be solved, it is not necessary to be anxious. The behavior of honking and smashing can only make the situation worse and worse. It makes other people's moods bad, and increases the risk of driving.

Precautions for driving in heavy fog weather:

Due to the cold weather, foggy weather often occurs. The foggy weather seriously affects traffic and brings a lot of inconvenience to people. In the foggy days, especially the friends who drive, must pay attention to the weather network high-speed driving conditions in the foggy weather



1. Drive at low speed. Driving in the fog must control the speed of the car to keep the speed low. Because the visibility is low and the pedestrians and vehicles in front are not visible, the low speed driving can help the car to brake immediately in the event of an emergency.

2. The use of lighting. In the foggy days, you should pay attention to the use of lights. Remember to turn on the front and rear fog lights and emergency lights. If there is no fog light, you should turn on the low beam. Do not turn on the high beam. The high beam will be reflected by the fog. Clear roads.

3. The route of driving. When you can't see the road in the foggy day, you should pay attention to driving on the yellow line above the road as much as possible, but you can only get close to the yellow line when you are near. If there is no yellow line, you can drive near the middle of the road but you can't If you are driving in the middle, don't drive on the side of the road, so as not to accidentally hit the roadside trees or road signs when you can't see the road.

4, the use of brakes. Driving in the foggy weather must be careful not to slam on the brakes. First, the foggy road is generally slippery and slamming on the brakes, which will cause the car to run out of control and cause accidents. Second, the foggy visibility is low and the brakes are easy to make the rear car rear-end collision. ACCIDENT. If you want to brake, you can tentatively step on the brakes, slow down the speed, and also give tips to the rear car, so as to avoid traffic accidents such as rear-end collisions.

5, control the distance. It is very important to drive a certain distance in a foggy day. Do not drive the other people's vehicles because you can't see the road. This is very dangerous. You must pull the distance between the two cars to prevent the front car from being braked. It caused a rear-end collision.

6, cautious overtaking. In the foggy days, because the visibility is low, the vehicle will drive at a low speed. At this time, you must not be anxious. If you see the car in front is too slow, you are ready to overtake. When you overtake, you must first whistle. If you hear the whistle in front or the front is weak. When you are in the light, you must not continue to overtake, and carefully overtake to avoid traffic accidents.

7, Qin whistle. When driving in a foggy day, you should always illuminate the vehicles and pedestrians by horns, especially when passing through traffic intersections, you can prompt the turning or straight-going vehicles and pedestrians to hide to prevent traffic accidents.

8, the use of warm air. The cold weather will drive the warm air, and there will be hot air inside the car. This will cause the fog on the front windshield to affect the line of sight. If there is fog, do not rub it with your hands. After a while, it will appear again. Always rubbing will affect the safety of driving a vehicle. At this time, the wind direction of the warm air can be adjusted to the glass that has been blowing in front, so that the mist on the glass disappears.

9. Be careful to park. If you want to drive on a foggy day, you must pay attention to turning on the turn signal in advance and whistling the pedestrians and vehicles on the roadside, and slowly approaching the roadside to stop. After parking, turn on the emergency light and get off the car. Don't stay in the car to prevent the rear car from catching danger. When getting off the bus, be careful not to get off the left side and go to the right side of the car to avoid being hit by the moving vehicle.

10. Before driving in foggy days, be sure to check the horns in advance for each lamp.

11. When driving in foggy days, when the visibility is about 100 meters, the speed should not exceed 60 kilometers; when the visibility is about 50 meters, the speed should not exceed 40 kilometers; when the visibility is less than 30 meters, the speed should be controlled below 20 kilometers.