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[Hot Spot] Warmly welcome Kangzhong Auto Parts Chain Lock - East China Regional Elite Representative to visit Mengshi Lubricants

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At noon on May 17th, 2018, the lion lubricant factory ushered in the Kangzhong auto parts chain lock, the elite representative of East China. After visiting the factory, everyone entered the enriched training course. The company's training and learning has increased everyone's understanding of the company. On the other hand, it has strengthened oil knowledge, learned profitable projects and improved hands-on operation. I think everyone can use it flexibly and actively share what they have learned with their colleagues. Knowledge, and thus better serve our customers.

Everyone is actively listening carefully.

Mr. Xiaoguang Xiao, the national sales director of the lion lubricants, compared the other competitive brands in the classroom and made a detailed introduction of the lion lubricant transmission series products and the turbine oil series products. This learning product can be memorized!

Yan Jianjiang, a senior technical engineer of the lion lubricants, explained the engine deep maintenance project for the trainees and led everyone to carry out the actual operation drills. During the operation, everyone also put forward a lot of problems that they did not understand. Yan Gong used it relatively easy to understand. The language helps you answer them one by one.

If you study well, you can take a test on the spot. If you look at this serious expression, you will know that you used to learn to go to school. It’s no problem with 90 points or more. Congratulations on the successful graduation of this training and excellent results!