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"Lion Class": Ten reasons why engine oil is hot

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In addition to the daily use and maintenance of the engine, the oil is also a problem that many friends neglect in the work. If the temperature and pressure of the oil are abnormal, the engine will have various problems and even strike. If the oil temperature exceeds 120 °C for a long time, it will lose its lubrication, cleaning and heat dissipation. In severe cases, it will directly cause the engine to burn the shaft.

The Lions Xiaobian here collects 10 reasons for the high temperature of the oil, let's take a look.


Insufficient or excessive oil

When you change the oil, the more you think, the better the mistakes many drivers make. The excessive oil will cause more resistance to the engine. The lack of oil will affect the lubrication and heat dissipation. Therefore, when changing the oil, we should strictly follow the oil gauge. The scale is processed, not too much and too little.


Oil pump failure

Under normal circumstances, the dashboard of the vehicle is integrated with an alarm device with low oil pressure. If the corresponding fault indicator of the instrument panel is lit during operation, it indicates that the oil pump has failed, and should be repaired immediately by professional maintenance personnel. In addition to the oil itself, the oil pump is also a cause of abnormal oil pressure.



Cooling water temperature is too high

If the temperature of the water-cooled system in the engine is too high to cool the engine parts in time and take the heat away, the heated parts will indirectly cause the oil temperature to rise.

Therefore, regular inspection of important components such as pumps and oil coolers in the engine cooling system ensures that the engine's own cooling system is working properly.


Oil cooler blocked

If the oil cooler is blocked, it will directly affect the normal heat dissipation of the oil, and it will cause other problems such as insufficient oil pressure.

In routine maintenance, the oil cooler should also be inspected regularly. If problems are found, they should be cleaned or replaced in time.

Machine filter blocked

When changing the oil, the machine filter should also be replaced together. If it is not replaced for a long time, it will directly cause the filter to be blocked and lose the effect of intercepting the impurities in the oil. At this time, the oil flows directly from the bypass valve to the engine, resulting in internal wear. Intensified.

Piston ring seal is not strict

If the piston ring of the engine is not tightly sealed, the oil temperature will be too high. When the cylinder leaks and the crankcase is over-ventilated, the oil will be exhausted from the outside of the engine. Therefore, the seal of the engine piston seal ring and cylinder should be checked regularly. It is also very important.

Excessive bearing clearance

If the bearing bushing clearance is too large and the oil leakage is too much, the oil pressure is too low, and the normal oil film cannot be formed. The wear degree is intensified, and the friction surface is ablated.

Heavy engine operation

Heavy engine operation, that is, working under overload conditions, will also cause the temperature of the oil to rise. After all, the higher the pressure, the higher the heat emitted by the engine.

When the oil can't meet the needs of the engine in heat dissipation in time, the temperature will also be high, so we should try to avoid the engine working for a long time under overload conditions.

Engine assembly is too tight

As with other mechanical systems, when the internal mechanical components of the engine are over-tightened, the frictional resistance will rise linearly, and at the same time, high heat will be generated, and the heat load received by the oil will increase, exceeding the original heat load working coefficient.

If this problem occurs in a new car or an overhauled engine, it usually needs to be solved for a period of time. If there is no change after the running-in, it should be returned to the factory for repair.

Inferior engine oil

If you use oil that does not match the engine, as well as poor quality oil, it will increase the internal friction coefficient of the engine, making the temperature rise more obvious and causing the oil temperature to rise.


Therefore, in daily use, in addition to the oil grade and viscosity that we need to match the engine, it should also be purchased through regular channels.


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