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[News] [Ju. Kangzhong new forces, help. Qiluying future and lion lubricants listing conference] successfully held!

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Today, Ju. Kangzhong new forces, help. Qiluying Future and the Lions Lubricating Oils Launch Conference was held in Jinan, Shandong Province.

Today, Ju. Kangzhong new forces, help. Qiluying Future and the Lions Lubricating Oils Launch Conference was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. The partners from all over the world gathered together to learn the most cutting-edge information and profit projects in the automotive aftermarket. Everyone is full of enthusiasm and listens carefully. I believe that every participant will return with full enthusiasm and open the way of profit in 2018.

In the morning, some customers visited the factory of Shandong Speed Racing Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., and friends who did not arrive at the scene quickly browsed the pictures and felt under the circumstance.

Group photo of some partners


The Mustang God of War has already greeted everyone at the conference hotel entrance early.

Around 12 noon, the customers signed in to enter the stadium, and the spirit of the afternoon visual and auditory feast.




The company's customer service and marketing staff, Meimei's reception customers, officially started at 1 pm.



The lion's lubricants and the loyalty of Kangzhong Auto are the latest host partners.

At the conference, Mr. Zhang Jian, the director of Kangzhong Auto Parts Market, introduced the "Kangzhong Auto Parts Enterprise" and opened the curtain.

Next, Mr. Xiaoguang Xiao, the national sales director of Shandong Fast Racing Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the company introduction and new product release of the lion lubricant, and the leaders of both sides conducted a new product release ceremony.



The lion's fully synthetic lubricants have superior shear stability, ensuring effective lubrication even under demanding conditions and extending the life of the engine. It is a high-quality engine oil certified by racing and champion drivers!

Mr. Kang Binghua, the founding partner of Jingkui Investment, brought the [2018 China Automotive Aftermarket Research Report] to the market and the post-market research report, overview of the post-market structure, analysis of the status quo and trends, and a certain height to look into the future. Development path.

Mr. Yu Wei, Weisip Management Consulting Co., Ltd. brings you [how traditional maintenance companies really win customers and find new profit points], from the perspective of customer relationship, customer viscosity, customer and business causality, return to factory rate, etc. Deep analysis.

Mr. Lin Youhua, Vice President of F6 Automotive Technology, explained the F6-SaaS maintenance management software and how to use the smart maintenance management system, smart maintenance application data system and smart parts supply system to help the transformation of the F6-SaaS maintenance management software. upgrade.

Mr. Shang Baoguo, CEO of Kangzhong, shared the maintenance business operation for everyone, analyzed the development trend of future repair factories for current hotspots, how to maintain and improve profits, and combined with actual scenarios to develop an effective performance management model.

The half-day meeting ended. At night, everyone burst into the air. Not only did they gain knowledge, but they also harvested the happiness and happiness of a family. The dinner set up dances, singing programs and various small games. It is said that the golden egg has already been But addiction, limited time free to take the accessories that is called a cool, the bosses can not help but go grab, do not believe to see the picture...

The gathering is always short-lived. I believe that there will be more and more promotional activities in the future. It will also bring more industry information and profitable project sharing. We look forward to meeting next time and wishing that the lion lubricants and Kangzhong Auto Parts Chain will join hands. Win-win, more brilliant!

Lion Oil will always escort your car:

It is made by blending PAO synthetic base oil with high performance additives.

Excellent low-temperature flow performance, the engine reaches the lubrication tip quickly when the engine starts, and protects the engine.

Excellent high and low temperature performance to protect the engine at extreme temperatures.

Extraordinary cleansing and dispersibility to keep the engine clean.

The oil film infiltration technology forms an elastic oil film and penetrates into the friction surface to effectively protect the engine.

The addition of high-temperature antioxidants for racing cars provides a longer oil change interval for the engine.