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Lions Hydraulic transmission oil MG8

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Conventional viscosity
Product parameters

Excellent oxidation stability and thermal stability make the oil difficult to deteriorate under harsh operating conditions.

Good demulsibility, foam resistance and sealing material compatibility.

Ensure automatic transmission clutch, short coupling time, fast shifting, and smooth operation of hydraulic drive system.

Reduce transmission losses and shift shocks.

Excellent abrasion resistance, rust resistance and corrosion resistance.

[Product Applicable]

Automatic transmission system for all kinds of cars and trucks, hydraulic torque changers for various heavy-duty vehicles, tracked vehicles, loaders, off-road vehicles, hydraulic couplers, power regulating pumps, automatic transmission systems, power steering systems and Fluid power transmission system for construction machinery.

It can be used as a working medium for manual transmissions and power steering.

Product specifications: 8#

Packing specification: 2L 16L 18L

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Not yet realized, so stay tuned
Not yet realized, so stay tuned
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