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Lions DVTF 900

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The high-performance synthetic dual-clutch transmission oil developed for the wet dual-clutch gearbox meets the oil standards of many automobile manufacturers (OEMs), excellent wear resistance and shear stability, and effectively protects gears and synchronizers from wear. Anti-pitting; excellent anti-foaming and air release properties, excellent oxidation stability and viscosity-temperature characteristics, ensuring perfect lubrication even under extremely high and low temperature conditions; superior friction and durability characteristics, changing gearbox The performance of the gear is smooth and smooth, which enhances driving comfort.

Scope of application: Meet and exceed the oil requirements of 6-8 speed wet dual clutch transmissions of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Volvo.

Packing specification: 1L

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Not yet realized, so stay tuned
Not yet realized, so stay tuned
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