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Lions Antifreeze

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【product manual】 

This product adopts the latest formula and adopts automatic micro-film reverse osmosis 38-layer water purification process to effectively remove the cations and cations in the water, prevent scale formation and effectively improve the efficiency of the cooling system. It is made of polyester grade ethylene glycol with pure purity of 99.99% and selected from more than 10 kinds of imported additives such as anti-corrosion, anti-foaming, anti-oxidation, anti-rust and descaling. Excellent corrosion protection, effectively suppressing the electrochemical corrosion of the engine cooling system and effectively extending the service life of the cooling system. It has good anti-foaming performance and guarantees the normal operation of the vehicle. Excellent silicate stabilization technology prevents the formation of floc in the storage and use of antifreeze, effectively preventing clogging of the cooling system and additive failure.

【Instructions for use】

When replacing the antifreeze, drain the liquid from the cooling system and rinse with clean water. The antifreeze is then injected into the cooling system. When replenishing the antifreeze (check once a year and before entering the winter) first check the antifreeze of the antifreeze in the cooling tank (use the antifreeze to measure the shuttle). If the antifreeze does not meet the standard, please replace the antifreeze in time to achieve the antifreeze effect.

Packing specification: 1.5KG 4KG 10KG 18KG

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