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Lions Passenger car cleaning oil

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This product is a gasoline engine and passenger car gas engine cleaning oil formulated with high-quality base oil and high-performance additives. Effectively remove all kinds of glue, stubborn dirt, carbon deposits and oxidized deposits inside the engine; effectively clean all parts of the engine lubrication system, prevent the damage of acid substances and metal debris; effectively exert lubricating oil lubrication performance, ensure good lubrication and reduce Frictional resistance, restore and improve the power of the car, restore various seal rubber rings and rubber cushions inside the engine, enhance sealing performance, reduce fuel consumption and engine wear, and extend engine oil and engine life.


1. Add cleaning oil, the amount of addition is the same as the normal addition of engine oil, and the effect of using the extracorporeal circulation cleaning machine is better.

2. Start the engine for 15-20 minutes to accelerate.

3. Discharge the cleaning oil after use and replace it with a new oil filter.

4. Re-inject new oil.

Product model number: 20# 30# 40#

Packing specification: 1L

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Not yet realized, so stay tuned
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