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Lions Gear OilMG5

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Conventional viscosity
GL-5 85W90 GL-5 85W140
Product parameters

This product is carefully formulated with synthetic base oils and advanced compounding additives to provide exceptional protection for high-power race gears in extreme performance and demanding conditions. After many years of practice and laboratory testing, and participated in research and development, high-quality racing gear lubricants by international senior engineers and champion drivers.

Excellent extreme pressure wear resistance and shear resistance, significantly improve the anti-scratch ability and load carrying capacity of the oil.

Excellent thermal oxidative stability, significantly improving the high temperature and oxidation resistance of the oil.

Good anti-foaming property, ensuring smooth and smooth power transmission and preventing abnormal tooth surface damage.

Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties and storage stability.

Conventional viscosity: GL-5 85W90 GL-5 85W140

Packing specification: 4L 18L

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