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Clever use of air conditioning, lion lubricants wish you a cool summer!

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Nowadays, the daily temperature in many places in China has exceeded 30 degrees. It is a matter of great courage to go out in such a weather. Even if there is a car as a travel accessory, I am hesitant to think of the terrible temperature inside the car. Many people have expressed the feeling that the air conditioners in summer cars are not working well, so most people don't go out. In fact, the so-called effect is not good because you have not mastered the use of air conditioners.

The following methods can perfectly solve the very difficult problem of slow cooling of the air conditioner, poor cooling effect, etc. The cooling efficiency is high and the fuel is natural. Let's take a look.

1: The outdoor exposed car must first dissipate heat


One of the things that many friends have experienced is that the car has been parked outdoors for a long time, and it is even more uncomfortable to do it in a steamer. At this time, even the maximum speed of the wind speed is very general. In fact, if we open the air conditioner directly, it is very wrong.

We should first open the window to dissipate heat, and then turn on the outer circulation of the air conditioner, and adjust the air volume to the maximum. When the temperature inside the car is similar to the outside temperature, close the window to open the inner circulation. The effect of re-opening the air conditioner will definitely be much better. Friends who have not tried it must try it. It is necessary to know that the temperature of the sun-illuminated car is much higher than the outdoor temperature, so heat dissipation is very necessary.


2: The air outlet is up


After we started, many people like to blow the vents to themselves when they are particularly hot. First of all, this is not good for our health, and secondly, the overall cooling of the car will be much worse.


When we use the machine in the summer, the best way is to adjust the air outlet upwards. Everyone knows that there is a physical principle that the air is sinking and the heat is floating. So we need to blow up the cold air, which can quickly reduce the temperature inside our car.

3: Don't turn off the window and turn on the air conditioner for a long time.


This last point is not very helpful for our refrigeration, but it has a great impact on our safety. Some people will turn on the air conditioner when they parked. After all, if there is no air-conditioning in the summer, it will definitely not be able to sit still in the car. However, many people open the window after parking for too long, and even some people sleep inside, in fact, this is very dangerous.

When the engine is stopped, the engine cylinder gasoline cannot be fully burned. This will produce a lot of toxic gases. These gases will enter the car and our body will be affected. If it takes too long, it will be poisoned.